The One Thing You Need For Success

Do you ever feel like you’re not special enough, cool enough or good enough to be successful?

Despite what you might think deep down, success isn’t reserved for the select few who meet some random criteria.

The truth is it’s there for anyone’s taking.

The key to success in anything isn’t extraordinary talent (though it definitely won’t hurt).

If you take one talented mama who dabbles every few days (weeks, or months!) and put her against the mama who maybe doesn’t have the natural ability for something but puts in effort towards it every single day, I can pretty much guarantee who will come out on top in the long run.

When it comes down it, it’s not the things you do once in a while that make you great or give you success. It’s the things you do day in, day out whether you feel like it or not that make the difference.


If you only market your business whenever you “feel like it” how often do you think you would actually do it?

I’m guessing not much.

When you’ve got a busy, full life like many of us mamas have it’s not unusual to have days where you feel a bit……..meh. A little bit tired sometimes (ok, maybe a bit more than that!). Maybe you’d rather sit and watch your favourite TV program than make a start writing that blog post.

The key here is to take small, but consistent action towards your goals.

As long as you take those steps every single day (whether they feel like giant leaps or tiny shuffle steps) you’ll get closer to the success you want.

What ways can you add small consistent steps to your day?

Make the steps something that’s very quick and easy to do every single day. The more complicated or time consuming you try to make these daily habits, the more likely you will be to skip them.

Keep your actions to something you could do in under 15 minutes each day.

Here are some examples:

If you want to network and get more clients you could:

  • Spend 15 minutes in Facebook groups each day and answer questions people have posted.
  • Search relevant keywords on Twitter and get involved in the conversations.
  • Spend 5 minutes each day actually engaging with new followers on Twitter and building a relationship.

If you want to market your business more you could:

  • Spend 15 minutes each day writing content – whether it’s for a blog, your email newsletter or your next product.
  • Spend 15 minutes pinning and repinning great content on Pinterest.
  • Spend 15 minutes scheduling updates for your social media platforms.
  • Spend 15 minutes commenting on other blogs.

If your goal is about personal development you could:

  • Spend 15 minutes reading a book related to your field or a skill that you want to develop
  • Spend 15 minutes each day studying a course you’ve signed up to.
  • Watch 1 YouTube video each day related to the area you’re trying to develop.
  • Do a lesson from your Duolingo App each day. (Yep, I admit it – this is one of mine!)
  • Spend 15 minutes doing some form of self-care every day.

If your goal is about improving your health or losing weight you could:

  • Spend 15 minutes each day exercising.
  • Do 15 minutes of Yoga and meditation each day.
  • Prepare and pack healthy snacks each morning to take out and about with you.
  • Take 15 minutes each day to make sure you have a healthy cup of green tea and a nutritious breakfast.

Maybe you have some big projects to complete:

  • Spend 15 minutes each day decluttering and organising wherever it’s needed (this could be your home or even your business – are your computer files organised?).
  • Moving house? Spend 15 minutes each day in the run up packing one area of your home or one drawer! (Who said you only have to do this for success the in typical stuff?!)

Come rain or shine, whether you feel up to it or not – commit to an action and see it through every single day without fail.

The focus here is not how well you perform these tasks.

Forget perfection (and as someone with perfectionistic tendencies, it truly pains me to say that!). Perfection will only serve to help you procrastinate.

The only thing you need to focus on here is: Getting. It. Done.

An athlete doesn’t win a gold medal solely through the power of visualising their win (though that is DEFINITELY an important thing to consider). Without putting the time in to train consistently (even when they’d rather be at home on the sofa) they wouldn’t get anywhere.

They map out a plan and follow it whether they execute it perfectly or not. Some days they may have more motivation than others to train but the important thing is they get up, show up and do it anyway.

Track your progress

In whatever way you can, keep track of your progress. It will help to keep you motivated and visually show you that you’re making headway towards your goals.

If you want to crank out content every day – try the website It keeps track of how many words you’ve wrote and when you’re getting close to the 750 word daily target it is so motivating to keep writing! (That’s how I wrote the first draft of this blog in 34 minutes!)

Create a checklist to let you check off when you’ve completed your daily task. Once you see that long string of checks you’ll be so determined to not break the chain! You could do this in a spreadsheet or if you have a smartphone there are some great apps out there that can do this for you. A great one for the iPhone is called Streaks.

If you have more of a health goal to work towards using an activity tracker like a Fitbit can allow you to set goals for how many steps you take each day, how many minutes of activity you do each day and it will record it in an app for you to look back on and monitor.

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Being successful doesn’t have to be about how talented you are or how much money you have to throw at your business (or your personal life).

Taking consistent action steps each and every day (no matter how small) WILL lead to success.

What daily action step will you commit to? Let me know in the comments!