The Big Bang Guide To Complicating Entrepreneurship

Do you ever catch yourself thinking (or assuming) that you can’t be successful in business by doing it the simple way?

Yep, you’ve decided you absolutely NEED that new, fancy online gadget that adds yet another monthly expense. Oh, and you absolutely cannot take forward your project yet because you haven’t planned every minute detail.

I used to think like this too and I held myself back and wasted so much time in the process. Thinking everything had to be this huge, sophisticated operation and that I just couldn’t be without the latest thing in online business. In reality – it’s just not true.

A few nights ago I was watching a few episodes of one of my favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory and it really struck me how some of the funny things the guys in the show do is EXACTLY what some entrepreneurs are doing in their businesses to over complicate things every day (I was one of them once!).

Spending all your time planning

In the episode where the gang are “helping” Penny to build her flat pack furniture they immediately dismiss the simple to follow instructions and spend hours planning a method to build her furniture that will make it super sturdy. What the boys fail to see is that the simple instructions got the job done just fine and in the time they spent discussing how they could do things better, Penny had completed the job herself.

This is something I see entrepreneurs doing all the time! You get so bogged down in the planning stage and trying to make things perfect that quite often they never get completed at all. Try a different approach called MVP (which stands for minimum viable product). Basically create the absolute bare minimum that a service or product needs to fulfill the job or purpose and then get it out into the world. You can then start making improvements once you get feedback from your customers and once you actually see if there is a need for it in the market!

Succumbing to shiny object syndrome

In the episode where Penny starts a side business making hair barrettes the boys get so caught up in adding fancy features to Penny’s business that things fast get out of hand. What initially started as a simple one woman side business quicky escalates to a huge scale operation with ecommerce and express delivery options with no workforce to fulfill it.

As hilarious as it is to watch unfold, this story is literally a case of art imitating the life of an entrepreneur.

It’s so easy to get caught up in having this subscription to a landing page service at a hefty monthly fee when really your WordPress website could house a landing page for you just fine.

Even though it’s really easy to throw together a PayPal button to sell your latest ebook or ecourse, we convince ourselves that we need Infusionsoft or Ontraport when really we’re not pulling in the income each month to sustain it.

Despite what anyone insists or what you feel you need to have to be considered a ‘serious’ entrepreneur, you don’t need all the bells and whistles and every premium service going to prove you can make it in business.

For real.

Take the time to truly evaluate if you need this service or if you can quite easily do the same thing with a free or cheaper tool. Sometimes the answer will be yes and other times it will become apparent that adding the tool to your business will be truly beneficial.

Forgetting to K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Sister!)

There’s no denying that the boys are super smart but what we quite often see is a tendancy to look over or dismiss the simple solutions that can get you the exact same result as the overly complicated one. It’s almost like a case of feeling they need to use as much of their advanced knowledge as they possibly can that they don’t realise that sometimes the simple, easy way truly is the best.

I don’t know about you but all the times I’ve tried to really fancy things up, add unnecessary features or stuff my service packages full to the brim the majority of the time it’s been overwhelming, stressful and frantic. Definitely not fun times. When I keep things to a minimum, thinking about the most straight forward and simple way to do things it’s a breeze and the people I work with are delighted. Long live simplicity!

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Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be complicated – quite often the most obvious, simple solutions are the most successful.

I want you to put this into action TODAY! Look at your business and try to identify one area, process or product/service that you can simplify. Let me know in the comments below what you’ve got planned or tell everyone how you’re already applying this in your business.