How I Finally Got The Online Business I Had Always Wanted

I wish I didn’t have to leave my child to go to work every day.

I wish I had more flexibility in my life.

I wish I could work at home and be with my family more.

I hear this all too often from frustrated mamas who feel trapped working outside of the home or those who are struggling to transition from employment to their business full time.

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to spend your days wishing things were different or that you had more success. You just need to find a simpler route (and I’m going to show you that today).

I remember when my little girl was first born – I was already an entrepreneur but things were crazy stressful. My business was 100% offline meaning if I didn’t show up where I needed to be – I wouldn’t be earning anything! I was a fitness professional and most of my business took place in the evenings. We’re talking virtually EVERY evening, week in, week out come rain, shine or snow (yes, I was THAT dedicated haha!).

Although this was a business I once loved and had a blast running, it quickly became a source of frustration when I was missing precious bedtimes with my girl most nights. I don’t know about you but laying talking about their day, reading a bed time story and cuddling is one of my favorite things!

On the days when hardly anybody (or on a few occasions, nobody!) turned up to my fitness classes because it was too sunny/wet/windy etc it just felt completely depressing knowing I’d left my family for nothing. No income and there were expenses still to pay.

It was around this time (in 2011) that I really started to yearn for an online business.

Something that wasn’t going to be flaky with the change of weather or if a venue cancelled my booking I wasn’t left high and dry without income. I really wanted something where I could be anywhere and earning money. But it wasn’t until 2014 that I actually made this a reality.

I initially attempted to take my fitness business online but the expense and headache of dealing with insurance and licensing quickly showed me that this wasn’t going to be my path to freedom. For me, I excelled actually being with people in person in a live fitness class rather than on pre recorded exercise videos.

I continued on, teaching every evening and even at one point dabbled in party plan for extra income (loved all the discounted products but yep you guessed it – even MORE evening work!). I just felt like a slave to my business – I couldn’t arrange anything for Monday evenings as that’s a busy night for teaching and Saturdays are now out of the question as that’s a prime night for party plan – I hated how restricted I felt.

Taking time off or changing my schedule was at the expense of sales and income.

I started to see the term ‘Virtual Assistant’ and I would think to myself “I could do that” – prior to jumping into this whole self employed world I had 9 years experience in the corporate world working in administration, project management and secretarial roles not to mention I did virtually all my own administration, web design and marketing for my current business. I knew ‘on paper’ I had what it took but I didn’t have the first clue how you’d go about becoming a VA or how it all worked.

Until September 2013 that’s all it remained – a distant thought, until I stumbled upon a course that claimed to teach you how to become not just a Virtual Assistant, but a highly paid one. So I signed up straight away. I’d love to tell you that I worked through the course and BOOM I was in business, but sadly that wasn’t the case.

The course was really pretty poor. It promised to teach me how to set up and run a VA business but in reality all it taught me was how to build a very basic wordpress site, set up an email list and create paypal buttons – which I already knew!

What I needed to know was the nuts and bolts of a VA business. What’s the best way to structure it? How do I find clients? How do you manage things day to day? What legal things do I need in place?

I looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything that I felt really covered this well enough.

I was sat there for almost a year with nothing but a business name and social media profiles and I didn’t have the first clue how to step into the world of freelancing and virtual assistance. I was completely overwhelmed and paralyzed by the fear of doing things wrong!

That was until I stumbled upon Michelle Dale from Virtual Miss Friday. I remember first going on to the website and being blown away by how much content and information there was to help me. Reading through the blog I got an instant gut feeling that I’d find the help that I needed.

I looked through Michelle’s Roadmap and decided I was going to bite the bullet once more and take a chance on one last course – The VA Shoestring.

The VA Shoestring is a 30 day course that takes you from nothing to a live VA business ready to take on clients. It covers all the basics, getting a web presence out there, deciding on services, how to market yourself and what to do when you finally do get a client!

Within a month of completing the course I had my first client and at the end of the second month I had a small client base and regular income!

Once I had momentum the clients came like an avalanche!

Becoming a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer is a great way to get started in the entrepreneurial world quickly and on a limited budget. It doesn’t have to be much more than a laptop, internet connection and somewhere to market yourself. The flexibility you give yourself, and your family, by being able to work from literally anywhere just can’t be rivaled!

If you want to learn more about how I created Virtually Angels and my top tools I use to run my business then sign up below! [convertkit form=4863680]

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If you want to find out more about Michelle’s courses to help you get started in the world of Virtual Assistance or freelancing then head here.

Disclosure: Please be aware that the link above is an affiliate link. At no additional cost to you I will receive a small commission should you decide to purchase the anything. To be absolutely clear I have used and have experience with Michelle’s courses and I recommend them because I genuinely love them and not because of any small amount of commission I earn from promoting them.