Mama’s In Business is a supportive online community to help mamas manage the balance between their business and their family.

At the centre of everything here at Mama’s In Business is having the passion and drive to live life on your own terms and create an amazing life for your family.

Why should you consider contributing?

  • You’ll put yourself (and your expertise) in front of a whole new audience.
  • You get to help and inspire others.
  • You can build a strong reputation for you and your business.

What should I write about?

As busy mamas time is of the essence. You can write about any topic you like provided it encompasses the following:

  • It provides a direct benefit to a mama’s business or family life.
  • Ideally the content should be actionable. This won’t always apply to every topic but in most cases there should be something of value a mama could take and apply to her situation.
  • The content should be original and hasn’t been shared on any other blog or website before.
  • BONUS POINTS if it saves time or simplifies something complex.

If you feel whatever you have to share will have a positive effect on a mama’s life then let us know!

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