Easy Ways To Build Your Email List

 So by now you probably already know the awesome features of Facebook Ads are a great way to build your email list. But what can you do to build your list if your budget doesn’t exactly stretch to ads yet?

Sometimes it’s the small things, done consistently (or placed in front of people consistently!) that can really help to trickle new subscribers to your list. Here are my favourite free ways to build your list!

Facebook Page Call To Action

This feature has been on Facebook Pages for quite some time now but it does amaze me how many people I see who are NOT using it! If you haven’t set yours up yet you must get on it now!

All you need is a link to a landing page for people to sign up (or if you don’t have a landing page you can use the MailChimp sign up form link) and you simply add this link to the ‘Call To Action URL‘.

Then you just pick what text you want your button to show (options include Sign Up, Download, Buy, etc) and there it is!

You can make it even more enticing by using your Cover Photo on your page to promote your opt in freebie. You can easily design your own in Canva or PicMonkey!

Quite often new fans and visitors will click through to this and sign up and you can easily promote it through Facebook Ads too.

Use Your Landing Page Link in Social Media Profiles

On your social media profiles there will be a space somewhere for you to list your website and I’d hazard a guess that like most people you just added your homepage url to this space (eg http://www.mamasinbusiness.com).

If you’re looking to really grow your email list you can simply add the link to your landing page there instead so that when people click through they’re met with a valuable offer from you rather than a generic homepage that they could easily get overwhelmed with and click away from.

Email Signatures

If you send emails from a business email address I’m guessing you’ve probably got an email signature that tells people who you are, what your business is called and how people can contact you.

Why not add a short sentence about your opt in freebie and link to your landing page for people to sign up to it?


Mama’s In Business
Do you need help with setting up your first website? Why not try my free No Stress WordPress course – sign up at http://www.mamasinbusiness.com/wordpress-course

Pinterest Graphics

Create some really great images in Canva or PicMonkey to showcase your opt in freebie or highlight the benefits and then link those pins to your landing page so when people click through they can sign up right there!

Just be sure to make your images taller than they are wide so they stand out on Pinterest!

To link your pin to your landing page simply click the pin you want to link to expand it, click the edit button at the top and then enter your landing page in the ‘Website’ box.

Take Advantage of Traffic From Guest Blogging

If you’re already submitting guest blogs or thinking about putting yourself out there you may already know that you need a little author bio about yourself that tells people who you are and what you do. In these bios it’s the norm to have a link to your website so people can find out more about you if they want to. You could really maximise your bio by linking to your signature opt in instead of your main home page.

Usually if people have enjoyed your content enough to check out your bio and link – they’re looking for more from you so this is the perfect opportunity to build your list – you get a lovely new subscriber and they get even more value from you!

Ask People To Share It

This is probably one of the simplest and most obvious strategies but it’s very rarely done! Asking your existing subscribers to share your opt in freebie with people they know who would love it. These people are already your fans and word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools there is!

You can simply send an email to your subscribers asking them to share your opt in link or you could get pretty fancy and have an option to share it on your thank you page right after new subscribers sign up! Also, don’t forget the power of sharing on social media – create a fab graphic in Canva or PicMonkey and post it to your profiles asking your audience to share it.

Put A Sign Up Box On Your Home Page

What’s the number 1 visited page on your website? Without looking at your Google Analytics I’m going to guess it’s your homepage (or if not number 1 it’s definitely near the top!). Now given this page is likely to get the most visitors my next question is – do you have a sign up box on it?

If you don’t I’d strongly encourage you to place one on there ideally before the fold (basically the part of the screen you can see when you first load the site). I have a sign up box over on my VA website (http://www.virtuallyangels.com) and this gets me subscribers like you wouldn’t believe! If people are curious about who I am and what I do they will, most of the time, sign themselves up to my freebie to get more from me.

Use A Pop Up

The next step for sign up boxes on your website is a pop up sign up box. Now I will be brutally honest here – you need to think really carefully about your strategy with this. Pop ups can be really effective but they can also be super annoying.

To avoid being lumped in the ‘annoying’ category I’d recommend using a plugin called Pop Up Ally and making your pop up be an ‘exit intent’ pop up that appears to a user once every 2 weeks. Basically this means that the box pops up when the sophisticated coding decides you’re probably going to leave the site and it also makes sure that people aren’t getting bombarded by your pop up every single time they visit the site.

I have used one of these pop ups and they do quite often prompt people to sign up when they might have otherwise missed a sign up box or forgotten to complete your embedded form.

PS: Pop Ups that fall in the ‘annoying’ category are: pop ups that take over the whole screen that you can’t click off, pop ups that appear as soon as the page loads, pop ups that appear as soon as you start scrolling as your read a page and pop ups that using really sucky copy with buttons like “Yes I want to sign up” “No thanks I’ll just suck forever”. (Ok so that last one is my personal pet peeve but still who wants to be insulted right?!)

Spread The Word In Facebook Groups

Letting people know who you are and what you do in Facebook groups for me has to be the number 1 way to market your business full stop. For my VA business I get virtually all of my clients from networking in Facebook groups.

Now first things first, before you start posting your opt in link all over the place you have to make sure you check the rules of the group. Some groups allow promo freely, some have designated posts to promote within and others don’t allow any promo at all.

Just because a group might not let you post your promos freely doesn’t mean all is lost. I hardly ever post my freebie in groups and I get sign ups every week without too much effort. Be present in the group to help others, share your knowledge and people will naturally gravitate towards you and find out more about you and your business.

Sometimes it might be appropriate to respond to someone’s post with a link to your sign up (if for example they want help with vegan recipes and you have a free vegan recipe opt in) and in other cases just being helpful and networking with others will naturally educate people about what you do and what you offer.

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So there you have it! 9 free & easy ways to build your email list!

Which was your favorite tip? Let me know what you’ll be putting into action in the comments and if you have a great idea to add to this – let me know!