7 Reasons You Should Become A Mama In Business

Are you sitting on the fence, wondering if this entrepreneur stuff is for you?

Is it really worth the effort when you’ve got so many things to juggle in your life? I think it is but if you need more persuasion I’ve got you covered mama 😉

Here are 7 reasons you should become a Mama in Business (like yesterday!):

1. Ultimate Flexibility

Running your own business from home gives you the ultimate flexibility that I doubt any job could match. Where else do you know that will allow you to change the hours you work at the drop of a hat if the kids got sick? How many jobs allow you to work completely from home? On those days when you’ve interruptions galore what job would give you the freedom to work in short bursts throughout the day? Probably not very many.

When you’re the boss you get to choose when, where and how you work. The only agenda you’ll have to meet is your own.

2. Design Your Lifestyle

When you work for someone else aka have a job, you’re stuck with the salary they pay you and the rules they set. Sure you could negotiate a salary raise but it’s unlikely to be a life changing amount.

Whilst running a business can be tough at times you have complete freedom to increase your earnings at any time. You can create a new service or launch a new product to add revenue to your business. The more you market, the more sales you’ll be able to make.

On that same thread working from home means you can adopt whatever working practices you choose. Want to work in your PJs on those days when you feel a bit under the weather? Go for it! Want to go outside and work in the sunshine (when it makes an appearance that is!)? Sounds great!

Some entrepreneurs have taken this to the ultimate level and choose to work whilst they travel the world with their family along for the ride (yes I’m completely serious!). One amazing mama entrepreneur who has been doing this for the past 10 years is the incredible Michelle Dale of Virtual Miss Friday. She runs a 6 figure Virtual Assistant Service & Training Company whilst living in various countries overseas!

3. Set A Great Example For Your Kids

Building a business sets a great example for your kids. Not only are you teaching them that they can live the life they truly want, you’re also teaching them invaluable lessons in work ethic, determination and resilience.

Growing a business takes a lot of hard work and persistence. You’ll have highs and lows. Your children will grow up understanding the importance of working hard for the things you want, hanging in there when things get tough and that they have the power to create whatever lifestyle they desire. I don’t know about you but I think lessons like those are priceless!

4. Save Money On Childcare

Probably, for me, one of the biggest incentives for running a business from your home – saving money on childcare. Childcare fees will probably vary depending where you live but here in the UK the cost of placing your child in nursery full time (Monday – Friday) whilst you go out to work can be astronomical.

During a time a few years ago that I was suffering a lull in my income I weighed up the options of returning to employment (very reluctantly I might add!). One full week at nursery is a cost of around £175 per week – a cost of about £750 per month.

Considering my monthly wage at that time for working full time was £1200, paying for nursery would wipe out half my income before you even start looking at the bills. Doesn’t seem worth it really!

Working from home will not only save you the money on childcare (or at least reduce it significantly) but you’ll also save money on commuting, work lunches and the work wardrobe!

5. Sense Of Purpose

Setting up and building your own business gives you a huge sense of purpose in life. You’re not doing what you do now just because somebody pays you to and they said you have to do x, y, z. You now get to do what you do because you truly love it.

Every effort you make will directly benefit your family and the people that you serve in your business. The feeling you get from doing something because you know it’s worthwhile rather than because you need to tick a box on some corporate agenda is truly amazing!

6. Spend More Time With Your Kids

Not having the kids in nursery full time means you’ll get to spend a lot more time with them. It has been such a blessing being at home to see my little girl grow up rather than missing her terribly every moment I would have been at work.

We have impromptu trips to the soft play area, baking afternoons, tea parties and when she was younger we joined lots of mum and toddler groups. If she’d been in nursery all week we would have missed lots of this and probably not had the chance to do half as much crammed into weekends.

As people always tell you – the early years go by so fast and I’m incredibly thankful that I get to see more of them than most parents do.

7. Be There For All The Important Moments

Have you ever had to miss out on a school play or concert because you couldn’t get permission for time away from work? Although some employers can be quite flexible and understanding like this not every workplace is accommodating.

Having a super flexible schedule means I can easily shuffle things around so I can be there for every single important event for my little girl. I’m not stuck then having to find time to work my time back to a job – but if I do have to make the time back, I’m likely doing it from the sofa in my PJs 😉

Making the move to work for yourself (or transitioning to doing it full time) when you’ve got kids can seem like a huge, scary step but I promise you it’s worth it!

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If you’re considering the leap – what things are you struggling with that are holding you back? If you’ve made the leap – what is the best thing you’ve experienced since making it? Let me know in the comments!